Big thank you to everyone who has come to see the tour so far this year with Chris Kent & I. We’ve had some cracking shows so far and hitting Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester & Banbury this month! So, if you’re in the area and fancy listening to some lads from Cork tell some stories pop in! Tickets on the gigs page.

Went home to Ireland for 10 days in September and did some shows in Dublin then went to Cork for the Cork Comedy Festival which was really great fun. I did a 1 hour show at the Cork Opera House and it was a great night. I was extra nervous as it was a home town gig and had a good few people in the audience that I knew but  I must say I had a great time.

I made my tv debut in Ireland on TV the Six O’Clock show ( clip will be up soon) a bit of chat then I had to help in the kitchen and cook some food. I must say I’m pretty good in the kitchen. I don’t think there is anyone that can set a table better than me. In the cooking department I’m 3/10.

This month I’m doing some filming for Sky on a sports show and also hoping to record an album in Liverpool by the end of the month. You will be able to buy it online for a few quid. It will be one hour of stand up and you will be able to download it as a audio or a tv clip to watch.

Pretty full on with gigs in Clubs across the Uk over the next 2 months. I’m already writing again working on new stuff and also my golf swing. If you’re on FB/Instagram follow me ( twitter is dead to me) I’m getting better at these things I must say!




Edinburgh 2017 & Beyond!



I’m back from a month in Edinburgh at the biggest Arts festival in the world and I’m exhausted. 72 shows in total. It was the best month I’ve ever had in Edinburgh. I moved up in size venue and was worried about selling the extra tickets. If you’re not on TV every week then you wonder where, why & how people would come to see you, but I was delighted to be able to walk out to very busy rooms, and many sell out nights. I was reviewed really well ( which does help) but I feel the audience reviews are the best. To anyone that sent me a tweet/FB message they really do  give you a great confidence boost. I had some cracking nights, which people who have been back year after year to see me,  it really felt that this year I was getting my own audience which is what I was looking for. I did 25 1- hour shows of ‘Did you get here alright’ and while I had a few tough ones on the whole 90% of the gigs were a success.

I also hosted ‘Andrew Ryan’s Pick of the fringe” everyday at 12.15pm and had guest comedians on doing 10 minute slots and that was so much fun. I think that helped me a lot this year in terms of enjoying Edinburgh. Hanging out with people, getting up early to pop off for a show,  also just settle in to the day with an early gig.

I’m back home now in St Albans and really missing the festival. I met some really great people, got to know loads of comedians from across the world and felt that I have really upped my game in terms of writing. It was my 4th Edinburgh in a row, and to walk out to people who already knew me made it really sweet.

I performed at the Edinburgh playhouse in front of 3000 people,  a gig I have been lucky to do the last 4 years at the festival and this year was my best slot. I came off after thinking “imagine doing that 4 or 5 nights a week on tour” Wow!


Speaking of tours- I’m on my first UK tour this year starting at the end of September in Liverpool. I’m on tour with Chris Kent ( who is from Cork also) and a very funny man. We are hitting, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield, Leicester, Guildford, Banbury, Darlington, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow & Newcastle. Tickets will be on sale in a day or so.

I’m also in Cork in September for the Cork Comedy Festival. Doing a solo show at The Cork Opera House and also a guest spot. Tickets on sale now !! ( links on the gigs page)

Thanks for coming to see me if you did in Edinburgh and I’m back working hard and writing and my chin is up and ready to go!







So, I’m back at the Edinburgh Festival again for my sins. Another show in the Assembly. I’ve moved up in room size so that means I have more seats to sell everyday! Yes!! ( The stress, like!)  I’m on at 6.45pm at Studio 5, my show is called ‘ Did you get here alright?’ I’ve done some previews, it’s coming along well and I’m on holiday for two weeks in September so it cannot come quick enough! If you’re at Edinburgh in August  please pop in. You can buy tickets

I’m also hosting a show everyday called ‘Andrew Ryan’s Pick of the Fringe’ at 12.15pm where I have 3 guests on who do some stand up, it’s part of the Free Festival and it’s a nice relaxed show to kick start peoples days at the fringe. It’s free entry! Here is the info

I’m on a UK tour later in the year with my good friend Chris Kent ( he is from Cork as well) we are hitting, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Guildford, Sheffield, Leicester, Darlington, Banbury,Liverpool and a good few more. Dates will be up at the Start of July with links. We will be doing an hour each of our shows and having the craic.

Pretty busy with writing and live work. Also, moved house too! THE STRESS!!


In the election vote for whoever you want. Vote for who ever makes you feel wanted, listen to & vote with your heart.




Thanks for clicking on. I’m on the television this Sunday 9th April on Channel 5 ‘When Chat shows go wrong” I think it went alright so tune in if you can.

I will be back at the Edinburgh Festival this year with my new show ‘Did you get here alright?’ which is at Assembly Studio 5 at 6.45pm. I’m also hosting a daytime show at 12.15pm ‘Andrew Ryan’s Pick of the Fringe’ which is on at Cabaret Voltaire. I will have a selection of the best acts from the fringe performing short sets. This show is free to watch!

I’ve updated the gig list till the start of July. I’m also going on tour in September with my friend and fellow Corkman Chris Kent we are just finalising the dates for the tour and it should be on sale in May.

I went to Switzerland, Austria & Slovakia recently and did some shows and they were fantastic. I got ill in Switzerland and ended up in hospital and had to return to the UK early. Luckily I’m fine now, but I got an insect bite on my arm which was pretty mental and the infection spread all down my arm . I got back home ( I live in Hertfordshire) and went to Watford Hospital where they sorted me out very quickly! The best thing about being sick is you have something to write about. So in Edinburgh this year my experience of being in hospital will be in the show!





I’m just here plugging a few things!

I was recently on the panel show for the BLAME GAME which went out on BBC 1 Northern Ireland last week. It was good fun to record and looking back I could have picked a better shirt! You can watch it  it’s on the player for a week or two.

I’m doing a show on the 5th of December at the Leicester Square Theatre with fellow Corkman Chris Kent. Link for tickets is here  we’d love to pack the room out as it will be an ace night of comedy!

I’m returning to the Leicester Comedy Festival in February. I’m doing 2 nights. A  new material show and my last Edinburgh show ‘Ruined’ You can get tickets here

Cheers Andrew