Thanks for clicking on. I’m on the television this Sunday 9th April on Channel 5 ‘When Chat shows go wrong” I think it went alright so tune in if you can.

I will be back at the Edinburgh Festival this year with my new show ‘Did you get here alright?’ which is at Assembly Studio 5 at 6.45pm. I’m also hosting a daytime show at 12.15pm ‘Andrew Ryan’s Pick of the Fringe’ which is on at Cabaret Voltaire. I will have a selection of the best acts from the fringe performing short sets. This show is free to watch!

I’ve updated the gig list till the start of July. I’m also going on tour in September with my friend and fellow Corkman Chris Kent we are just finalising the dates for the tour and it should be on sale in May.

I went to Switzerland, Austria & Slovakia recently and did some shows and they were fantastic. I got ill in Switzerland and ended up in hospital and had to return to the UK early. Luckily I’m fine now, but I got an insect bite on my arm which was pretty mental and the infection spread all down my arm . I got back home ( I live in Hertfordshire) and went to Watford Hospital where they sorted me out very quickly! The best thing about being sick is you have something to write about. So in Edinburgh this year my experience of being in hospital will be in the show!